spring 2019 backpack collection


From the gloom of my cave I watched the creature grow and develop into something I could not comprehend.

Scared by its crude and amorphous state, I decided to leave it alone.

Years later I met the creature again.

It had matured and was swinging wildly from the ceiling of my cave, engulfed in some sort of ritual.

Mesmerized by its beauty, I fell under its spell. The longer I stared at it, the more it became a part of me.

A pagan desire took hold of me. I wanted to touch it, stroke it and to give it love. Was this sacrilege?

When I touched it, we became one.

Still not knowing what it was, I started investigating the creature, finding crevices and  spaces to put in my belongings.

We ventured out of the cave, into the light.

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